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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Good Old Fashioned Print is Back!

Busy Busy Busy new job meant quite a lot fell by the wayside but time is now on our side!

Anyone, went and had a rummage for a few new mags today - need to pick up some more tomorrow - and of course I've still been buying and reading whilst the blog's been on hiatus so I'll post some stuff from the 'archive' when I've not got owt new to write aboot.

So this is the new issue of POCKO - apologies for the poor cover photo... I couldn't avoid the 'flash splash' even with the hood - it's that red ink on the paper stock. Shiny.

Another great edition - focuses mostly on collages, inspired by the 'Museum of Small Things' apparently. For me collage can be a bit hit and miss, and such is the case with this. I really like some of it though - particularly the centrefold (pictured) by Are Mokkelbost - really like the use of animal drawings. Happily (because it's the centrefold) I can put this one up on't wall too!

POCKO is of course all about exposure, so if there's a particular artist in there you like, it's worth checking them out.

It's also worth mentioning the poem. POCKO has a poem running along the bottom of each page, spaced thoughtfully with the images. It's great, and worth savoring each line with it's corresponding image.

Good Mag.

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