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Monday, 24 May 2010

GREY - London Skateboard Magazine.

Areet lads 'n' lasses...

Slight new aesthetic for the blog here - wanting to have a big push this summer and the photoshopping required for the magazine cover shots - although simple - was really getting on me wick and draining the fun so I've given it up and we'll now be seeing the mags in a more 'still life/available light' guise.

Anyhoo, I love skateboarding... I'm really crap but I love it. I love the people it brings together, I love the skill and dedication required to be good and I love the creativity it fosters and engenders. Grey is a good example of that.

It's been hot here, and I've had a chance to ride out again - spending a bit les time turning cranks and a bit more time on the board. I popped into NOTE (Manchester) for some new bushings and this was on the desk so I slung it in me bag.

It's great.

Skatemags are rarely that good (Especially since we sadly lost Document) - for me they always focus too much on the big pro's and handrail bashers... and that isn't the reality of skateboarding... not everyone's a tosser who says 'rad' too much. Grey focuses on the London scene and spots - some familiar and some less so. "Less emphasis on the gnarliest most grounbreaking skateboarding. Instead Grey will show you new spots and lesser know skaters" - in their own words.

It's printed on great stock - the type that gets heavily saturated in a matte finish and smells good when you open it (if you're a print-head like me anyhoo!). It's small too, a feature I really liked and befitting it's understated style.

The photography's ace - much of it is as good as any other skatemag but some is really excellent and composed in much more of a 'photography' style as opposed to a 'here's-a-pic-of-this-guy-doing-this-trick' style. You get the gist.

The interviews are sound and discuss skateboarding without degenerating into in-jokes or just asking them to tell us about a time they cocked about. Plus Mike Manzoori's in it - and who doesn't love Mike Manzoori.

There's a work of fiction at the end which I really enjoyed, and things like this are what skatemags (and skateboarding as a whole) needs - it's what keeps us a culture not a sport.

This is a simple, beautiful and well designed package, and really mirrors the feel of british skateboarding.

Nice one.

Check it out here:

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Good Old Fashioned Print is Back!

Busy Busy Busy new job meant quite a lot fell by the wayside but time is now on our side!

Anyone, went and had a rummage for a few new mags today - need to pick up some more tomorrow - and of course I've still been buying and reading whilst the blog's been on hiatus so I'll post some stuff from the 'archive' when I've not got owt new to write aboot.

So this is the new issue of POCKO - apologies for the poor cover photo... I couldn't avoid the 'flash splash' even with the hood - it's that red ink on the paper stock. Shiny.

Another great edition - focuses mostly on collages, inspired by the 'Museum of Small Things' apparently. For me collage can be a bit hit and miss, and such is the case with this. I really like some of it though - particularly the centrefold (pictured) by Are Mokkelbost - really like the use of animal drawings. Happily (because it's the centrefold) I can put this one up on't wall too!

POCKO is of course all about exposure, so if there's a particular artist in there you like, it's worth checking them out.

It's also worth mentioning the poem. POCKO has a poem running along the bottom of each page, spaced thoughtfully with the images. It's great, and worth savoring each line with it's corresponding image.

Good Mag.