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Monday, 6 April 2009

The Ride Journal - Issue 2

It's back!

So after realising a few weeks ago that the first one wasn't a one off I've been waiting with baited breath for the next one. And worth the wait it has been too!

It kicks off with another great cover illustration from 'Mark and ilovedust' and follows the same layout as the previous issue -basically a page of writing and musing from someone touched by cycling on the right page faced by a piece of artwork - -often by the writer, sometimes not.

Highlights for me this time are the 'Going Down the Hub' article by Mike Duff (how much do I want to visit 'Mud Dock' in Bristol now?!), the '74 Mountaingrove Road' photoessay by Robert Sargent, 'One Track Mind' by the mighty mighty Hoy and the chance to discover Eric Reagan's photos on flickr. It's just as beautiful as the last issue though - a heavy tome with all the writing very well written and by some surprising names and people I've never heard of, with really great artwork.

It covers the full spectrum of bikes and cycling again, so there's bound to be something to interest you. The main point however is that it'll make you want to keep reading but also put it straight down and jump on your bike, and meet other people on their bikes and talk about being on bikes... and that's surely the best thing about it.

Nice on guys.

Again I got mine from Magma in Manchester but check the website if you're stuck -

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