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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

FILE Magazine

Second entry today!

Now I know I'm a little bit behind BOOOOOM! on this one (right number of O's in that?) but I don't get freebies (hint!) so had t go pick it up.

The mag's a bi-annual jobby called 'FILE' and like Pocco Times discussed a few weeks ago it comes on newspaper stock. Now I'm never sure how t feel about newsprint stuff as normally image quality suffers but 'FILE' gets away with it pretty well.

Anyone's who's ever read Specialten will be very familiar with FILE's format - A DVD containing mostly short films and art films plus some music videos with a visual arts aspect to them, articles about said media in the magazine's main body and a free print at the back.

It's good stuff too - The articles are great and give good background to the films, I watched the DVD first the read up and watched again and it was quite a different viewing the 2nd time around. Now I know that strictly speaking this blog's about printed material but the 2 are so interconnected that you cant separate them.

I particularly enjoyed 'The Archive' - what a fascinating and sad story (what I wouldn't give for the couple of million he's asking...) and also really enjoyed the planetarium of the soul. I was dissapointed by 'Lost and Found: Jim Lee' though, as I'd already read about this project and had high hopes but I found it a bit shallow in the end, and the editing really got on my wick.

I really like the print - it's gone straight in my 'To Be Put Up When I Move' collection. It's by Geoff McFetridge, a californian artist well know i the graphics community - I strongly suggest you check out his other work here :

(As an aside, he get's even more props because he did some stuff for Whitest Boy Alive, who I'm a big fan of)

The printed element of the mag is well laid out, clean and sparse. Cracking. It looks to only be run by 2 staff - Editor and Publisher Fabio Sebastinelli, plus Design and Art Directors - Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne and Mr Sebastinelli again.

For more info see

I picked mine up at Magma as is often the case, but there's a good bit on the FILE site showing lots of places to grab it so keep an eye out.


  1. Thanks for the information. What/where is Magma?

  2. Magma! lovliest bookshop...2 in London, 1 in

    nice blog rory!