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Monday, 13 April 2009

+1 - Issue 11

Watcha! I thought I'd give the new +1 a write up again, though I must admit I did pick it up a few days ago.

First of all, I LOVE the cover! It's got the now heavily bearded, ex-Bill actor Jeff Stewart (also a percussionist doncha know?!) in some cer-azee get up! It's an excerpt from the Issue's fashion shoot, which is exceptionally shot and all good fun.

As with all the other +1's this issue carries on in what intellectual types have started to call 'post-Document' style, all light-hearted quips and positivity. It's a great read yet again.

The 'Surf and Turf' article about a film currently being produced named 'God Went Surfing with the Devil' is great - a nice conversational interview and some cracking pics from said film. Can't wait t see that.

(You can read more about that procject in +1 and also here:

Big up on exposing yet another great photographer - Ross McDonnell (no web link though?) in this case - I hope this continues every issue... and when I submit my portfolio I hope you remember these glowing reviews!

Although now condensed to one page, I laughed out loud yet again at the Overrated/Underrated section (yer not wrong about Belle and Sebastian lads!) and the Going Postal and new 'Cookery' section are a good giggle too. There's also a pretty interesting article on the burgeoning independent (I'm loathe t call it 'indie') craft scene in which my girlfriend and I have been known t dip our toes. Small world.

There is a BUT though - this issue has more adverts, and although many are skate related, a few are frankly shit... and seemed to be aimed at a pretty condescending 'alternative' market - might I suggest you boot them or at least get them t tidy up their artwork. I know you've got t pay for it somehow but what on earth is that 'Urban Industry' advert - "Wow let's appeal to the kids by doing a lomo-esque photo of a train station" - I almost gipped.

Anyhoo, very minor gripe aside, it's another great read exposing some really interesting people and a having a good laugh too. Keep on keepin' on gang.

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