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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pocko Times

Welcome to the first post in my blog.

Today I read Pocko times. I've never come across this one before - It's lovely. It's published by Pocko Editions - part of the Pocko group.

I'm not sure quite how it's edited but the 'Concept and Remixin' is by Nicol Schwarts.

It's basically a newspaper size, newspaper printed collection of photos, illustration and mixes of the two at full page or double page size. The texture's lovely, being recycled uncoated paper, and as it's unstapled you can take it to bits, explore it, pot some up on walls, fold it, send it to your friends and keep it safe.

It's a great thing to have.

To read more about Pocko go here -

I bought mine as usual in Magma in Manchester but you can order it from the Pocko shop. Do buy it.

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