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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Motion Pictures Vol 1: Sanza - Hanza


This is a curious one - I saw this months ago and forgot to pick it up. So today I asked if they had any in the back and thankfully they did.

It's a photo essay by Jamie-James Medina and Matthew Salacuse (published by Street Carnage Books/ Hideout Gallery) on the up and coming Soweto 'sport' of climbing out of, onto and under moving trains. Madness.

It contains one page of text, a brief vignette on 'Tupac', a young train surfer aiming to become 'Sanza-Hanza' - king surfer - the follows a series of fourteen images, shot in a style that's mix of 'skateboard magazine' and 'editorial/reportage... perfect for the subject matter.

The shots are great, though it's only a wee thing and most shots are presented one to a page in landscape format on a portrait page, so they're not huge. It's also printed on pretty rough stock so the image quality isn't great.

What I do love though is the passion of this little book - It's clearly self funded and produced, it has no ISBN number and is hand numbered in pencil - mine's 191/300.
It's a really well made little thing, though not terribly well formatted considering it's a photo book.

Vol:1??? I'm looking forward to Vol: 2.

For more info see - i think... I must admit I've not checked out the website yet. Magam in Manc has a couple left if you want a copy.



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