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Friday, 20 March 2009



As a magazine fanatic, and a keen photographer and someone who grew up on the North Yorkshire skate scene I LOVED Document magazine, and in the past few months I loved it even more with the addition of "+1", the latter half of the mag which was dedicated to the ephemera of the skateboarding lifestyle - Alternative art, music, photography, books ect. ect.

I was reet sad when Document died a death - especially poignant as their last issue was the tenth anniversary.

Anyhoo, I was in Night and Day t'other day having a wee drink and went t see if the new Vice was there and CHRIST ALMIGHTY! There on the counter is +1... free... by itself without Document!


It's published by the same gang and publishers and I assume is payed for by the adverts which are all skate related and not too in your way.

The articles are great, with all the usual sections and the addition of some quite comical stuff plus a well shot fashion section at the end.

The highlights for me are the 'All By Myself' article and illustration on world dictators. It made me laugh out loud, especially the Kim Jong Il entry.

I also like the household appliance article too. The Will Robson-Scott article and photographs are brilliant too. Check him out:

It is, however the general humour that carries it through. A great read, and I'm so pleased it's back.


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